2014 Kings Letter

Well everyone is asking me, “How is it being King, Justin?” I’m going to answer that question for anyone who has or will ask me this question, “Well if you were going to be king what would say?” If you are like me you would say I love being king. It might have been a long time since there has been a king as young as me; maybe I am the youngest Festa king that Festa has ever had. But ether way I’m proud to be king and very lucky to be one too. If anyone knows how hard people work to make Festa here come true, I would be one. Day and night, rain or shine, hot or cold, they will still work till they don’t have to work anymore, even when it’s Festa people still work to keep the spirit alive. With my parents’ ideas and my family’s enthusiasm, this Festa will be a blast.
2014 Festa King Justin Da Rosa Valadao