2012 Kings Message

Message from King Jose (Zé) Duarte Garcia Jr.

For over 700 years Portuguese have celebrated the "Festa Do Espírito Santo," a tradition that honors Queen Saint Isabel and her incredible devotion to the Holy Spirit. For just over a century, San Diego has had the distinguished pleasure to host this event. It is with great pride that I accept the responsibility of reigning as your 2012 Festa King for the 102nd Annual UPSES Festa!

I am extremely fortunate to be part of a community that truly values the Portuguese heritage and culture. Our forefathers would be proud to see that we have continued to honor the legacy that they worked so hard to establish.

Being a part of the Portuguese community and the Festa continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It is with gratitude that I wish to acknowledge our Festa Presidents, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Simas, who have given me the opportunity to represent our community in this honorable tradition. I hope to make Ron & Teri, as well as their daughters, 2012 Festa Queens Nazaré Nicole & Elizabeth Lauren Michele, their family, and the entire Portuguese community, extremely proud. I am humbled and honored to carry the coroa, and I look forward to further serving my community.

2012 Festa King Jose (Zé) Duarte Garcia Jr.

1979 Festa

1979 Centennial Festa President's Message

Joe & Lorraine Lewis

I was born in San Diego and raised in the Point Loma community. My parents were from Paul do Mar, Madeira, Portugal and immigrated to America. They taught me and my siblings traditions of their country, my favorite being, the "Festa do Espirito Santo".

While growing up in Point Loma, I was a participant in every Festa Parade that I can remember and at one time or another, I had experienced many of the different

positions in the Parade. I loved it! I was Queen of the 1949 Festa at age 14. That was when I had my first thoughts of someday being Festa President. Every year since, the desire grew stronger. In 1978, my husband, Joe and I put our names in the hat for our chance in the drawing for Festa President. I was so excited when our name was drawn! I now had a year to plan the Parade for 600 participants. With help from the community and the many volunteers, we held numerous fundraisers and soon I became an "old pro' at asking for donations. It was a busy year to say the least and a most memorable and gratifying one as well.

On June 3, 1979 with only minor glitches, the Festa do Espirito Santo 1979 was a complete success, with my youngest daughter Michele as our Queen. While marching in the Parade, attending the beautiful High Mass and during the luncheon, a feeling of glorious pride, gratification, success and complete satisfaction came over me. My love for the Holy Spirit became stronger.

I was so sorry to see the 1979 Festa come to an end. That evening I said if a time ever came when there were not any volunteers to put their name in the hat, that my husband and I would be honored to be Festa Presidents' again. Sure enough in 1986 we were asked to be Presidents for the1987 Festa. Of course, we said yes! This Festa was dedicated to the memory of my father, Manuel Siva, "Frizado", who had passed away 2 ½ years before. Our niece Kristie Lyn Pringle was our Queen of the 1987 Festa. With the 1979 Festa experience, the 1987 was a little easier and a complete success.

Once again, I was filled with great pride and gratification.

My parents Manuel and Mary Silva were the 1931 Festa Presidents and my brother Manuel and sister-in-law, Mary Silva, were 1965 Festa Presidents. I feel very blessed to have been President of two Festas. I have a great devotion to the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit bless each and every one of you.

Lorraine Silva Lewis

1926 Festa