2003 Festa

Message from the President

Dear Friends:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the UPSES board for allowing me to be the 2003 Festa President, the First Woman President. I am honored and proud to hold this title and to represent my family and the community as we celebrate the oldest ethnic festival in San Diego and to continue the traditions of our Portuguese heritage.

As you may know, my husband is no longer here in person, however his spirit lives in me and gives me strength and guidance. He always dreamed of giving out daughters, his princesses, the opportunity to be Queen of the Festa and represent their community. As a result, I have felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to be the President of Festa 2003 in memory of my husband Jose Carlos Correia and in honor of the traditions of our community.

I would like to enthusiastically thank all my family, friends and especially the community, for their hard work and also recognize their dedication to the Holy Spirit and to Queen St. Isabel. The generosity of this community is unbelievable. I am fortunate to have many of you as friends, I am blessed to have many of you as family, and I am proud to be among each of you in this unified Portuguese Community.

May the Holy Spirit be with you always,

Warm Regards,

Maria Gorete Correia

2003 Festa President




Message from Queens Corinna Marie & Crystal Marie

As little girls you watch fairy tales in awe at the beautiful princess wishing and hoping that one day you too can have your own crown. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe our wishes would come true. Being Festa Queen is an honor which words cannot describe and the people we wish to thank are endless.

First and foremost my mother. The time and effort she has put into making our dream come true can never be fully repaid. My mother has turned our dream into reality, something we never believed possible.

Festa 2003 is being dedicated to the memory of our loved and remembered father. It was his example and attitude that inspires us everyday. His love extended past his family to each and everyone in the community.

We are deeply saddened that he could not be here with us. I know he is watching over the festivities and laughing along with everybody.

To the community, you are the Festa. A queen, a president, a mass would not be a Festa without the community. It's for your participation that we are thankful. We once heard it said that the best thing about Portuguese people is that when it comes down to it we are there for each other. It is in that truth that we are most proud to be Portuguese and the 2003 Festa Queens.

It is with enthusiasm and excitement that we begin the year as Festa Queens. Thank you for making Festa 2003 a memorable experience.


Corinna Marie Correia & Crystal Marie Correia

2003 Festa Queens.



Our Daddy had an ability of seeing life as a very simple journey. He was a respectful man who did not allow himself to become busy with the idleness of life. He was a man of faith and he knew there was a God, because he had been given many gifts in his life. All who have been touch by our dad knew that he cherished faith, family and friendship.

Apparently God recognized that he had put to much good in one man and believed that our daddy could better serve his purpose in Heaven. Although he is not here with us, we know that he is here all year in spirit laughing and watching over us. He told us one day when we were younger how we would be Queens of the Festa. Never in our wildest dream did we think it possible. Right at this moment he is witnessing his family, friends and community that he loved so much celebrating all the events that he so much wanted to be part of.

Daddy our heart, you will never be forgotten.

Corinna M. Correia & Crystal M. Correia

2003 Festa Queens.