2005 Festa

President's Message

It is with faith, honor, pride, and gratitude that my family chairs the Festa 2005. We appreciate the vote of confidence from the Board of Directors of the United Portuguese Sociedade do Espirito Santo, Inc, (UPSES) and our many other supporters.

Since immigrating from Pico Azores in 1967, I have grown admiration and pride for our community and the UPSES, our Hall. For several years I have served on the Board of many local Portuguese organizations including the Board of Directors of the UPSES, where among other assignments I am fortunate to have been directly involved in the remodeling of our Hall and the street name change into Avenida de Portugal.

The devotion of the Holy Spirit has shined on my life and for that I am so grateful. For Filomena and me, our parents provided a sound foundation for our lives and today we pass it on to our children. They left the Azores in search of a better future for us and all their sacrifices are so appreciated, "obrigado pais".

The Festa, San Diego's oldest ethnic festival now in its 95th year, is about our community coming together with devotion for the Holy Spirit and pride for our culture. Chairing the Festa is just a small part of the puzzle that only comes together because of all the support our great community provides.

As we reach Festa day we remember all the support given thus far, especially in our fundraisers. To all the chair persons and committee members of the different events, thank you so much for all you have done. The same gratitude goes to all the sponsors, donors, underwriters, and supporters that voluntarily assisted our events repeatedly, we appreciate your donations.

The different social and civic Portuguese organizations have a positive association with the UPSES, particularly when it comes to Festa time. For their efforts and services rendered to the Festa including the Bazaar, or in any other way, Filomena, Paulo, Amanda, and I thank you. May the Holy Spirit will always protect you, your families, and your organizations.

We are so blessed by the Holy Spirit to have had our family and close friends stand by us to guide us in the right path and always willing to give a helping hand.

My family believes that promoting our culture is the link between our ancestors and the future generations. Promoting our Festa is promoting our culture. Come and enjoy the festivities we look forward to seeing you there.

May the Holy Spirit always accompany you!

Muito obrigado.

Idalmiro & Filomena da Rosa


Message from Queen Amanda & King Paulo

It's hard to decide where to start. I feel so many emotions in knowing I've been given the opportunity to represent my community as Queen of the Festa, yet I can't seem to find the right words. I have been so involved in Point Loma's Portuguese community for as long as I can remember, it seems like this is really the epitome for me - the icing on the cake. I've grown to have an increasing passion for my culture, my heritage, my roots and this is definitely one way I can give back in the greatest way I know how.

The festa amazes me in so many ways, but what captivates me the most is how the community comes together as one for the sole purpose of praising our Portuguese traditions. It is with the support of every individual that the festa continues to live vividly. Now, in its 95th year, it still continues strong. I am profoundly grateful for my amazing parents who raised me with the pride and ways of their roots; I plan to do the same with my children so that they may live their lives as other Portuguese descendants and I do: with pride, gratitude, and an extra touch of Portuguese style! So on behalf of my brother Paulo and me, we will soak up every minute of this year with realization that time passes to quickly and that this most definitely will be a year to remember for us.