2009 Festa

We are honored to be chairing the Portuguese S.E.S. Festa 2009. We look forward to celebrating this wonderful event with the community, and invite all of you to participate and enjoy the special events leading up to our Festa. Please save the dates listed below for our upcoming fundraisers.

If you have any questions please contact the event chairpersons listed below. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you and God bless,

Julio & Suzette Simoes and Family


2009 Festa President's Message

It is with great devotion to our Holy Spirit that we look forward to

celebrating the 99th Festa do Espirito Santo on May 31, 2009. In 1999, Julio and I were honored as Festa Presidents and we are looking forward once again in sharing our love and devotion with all those who share in the same devotion for the Holy Spirit. As a family we have much to be thankful for.

In 2000, my Mother began a difficult battle with cancer, and the journey toward fulfilling my Promesa began. The Holy Spirit has spared her life and I am happy to say that my Querida Mae is still with us today. My oldest daughter Jeanette, our queen in 1999 and 16 years old at the time, has faced many challenges in her life. My Promesa includes my prayers for her continued salvation. I knew I wanted to do the Festa again, when Juliette,

my youngest daughter came of age. Juliette has been my rock, upholding our traditions, making pao doce Festa week, she loves to help in the kitchen, bazaar or whatever is asked for the Festa. Since she was 'Little Queen", in '99, she has wanted to be the "Big Queen", and we are blessed to be able to fulfill her dreams. I would like to recognize and ask all those who quietly give their time, talents, energy, and above all, give their faith to

this honored devotion of our Portuguese community. Without these people the Festa do Espirito Santo would not be possible.

With the help of family and friends, and our faith in the Holy Spirit, we will continue to be blessed in having successful and beautiful Festas for years to come. Celebrating a successful Festa in our community depends on the efforts of each and every one of you, no one person can do this alone.

Enclosed is a Schedule of upcoming Fundraisers for our Festa, which I hope you will all participate in. May the Holy Spirit fill your lives and hearts with His unending love, peace and abundant joy.

May the Holy Spirit continue to Bless and Protect you and your families.


Mr. & Mrs. Julio & Suzette Simoes

2009 Festa Presidents


Message from Queen Juliette

What comes to mind when you think of Festa? I know I think of a huge Portuguese community coming together to eat, to dance, to reminisce and to celebrate our culture. During this time, we pray especially for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am so honored to represent this tradition that we have been clebrating now for 99 years here in San Diego.

Since I was 2 years old, I have participated in this Festa, either by being an angel my first year, in a group, a court, as a princess, a side maid and then the Little Queen in 1999. I am in the kitchen as much as I can be to help and see my aunts, friends and especially my Avó. I have worked in the kids' game booth ever since I can remember, and danced with the Portuguese American dancers. It is absolutely amazing how all these different generations come together during this one week to enjoy our Festa with its lively traditions.

The Holy Spirit to me is a powerful force. If you believe in him 100% he will grant you the most amazing things. I have to say that I have witnessed his goodness with my Avó and sister. They are both miracles. They were both faced with terrible things but my family and I were true to the Holy Spirit and

he has blessed us. My Avó has overcome her colon cancer and my sister is overcoming her drug addiction. The Holy Spirit is truly on our side.

I am so honored to be the 2009 Festa Queen and I want to thank my parents. I had a feeling they would do the Festa again but I thought they might have just been playing with me. When they put their name in I was shocked. It means

everything to me to be in this position and to represent my Portuguese culture 100%.

I look forward to seeing every single one of you on May 31, 2009!


Juliette Simoes - 2009 Festa Queen