San Diego’s Portuguese community is today made of immigrants from the Azores, Maderia and mainland Portugal as well as their spouses and descendants, who may go back five generations. As Portuguese, we have a natural pride in our traditions, in the global accomplishments of our ancestors and the great contributions they made to modern civilization and to Christianity. In this spirit of devotion to the Holy Spirit, our community continues in faith and tradition, generation after generation. 

Due to the faith and commitment of our Portuguese community, the U.P.S.E.S. Hall has advanced to its present status and is continuing to achieve its purpose:

  • Encourage religious and civic activities.
  • Promote, further and support the welfare of the community.
  • Foster sociability and develop a united spirit among the people of the community.

Note: If per chance, we have omitted or misstated the names or information, no offense is intended and it is due to the incompleteness of records available.